Harwood Residential Development


Project Description

Location:  1245 Harwood, Vancouver, BC

The new 17-storey condo complex by Bing Thom Architects in the heart of Vancouver West End required an accurate 3D model of the building entrance area, from which steel supports for glass canopy can be designed and fabricated.

Absolute Space surveyed using laser technology. The extracted 3D model was directly imported to client’s design software.


Minoru Aquatic Complex

Minoru Aquatic Centre


Project Description

Location:  Minoru Aquatic Complex, Richmond, BC

The new Minoru Aquatic Complex owned by the City of Richmond is being constructed by Stuart Olson. It features three pool tanks. Absolute Space was retained by the contractor to assess the concrete slab flatness and plumbness of tank walls before installing tiles.

Minoru Aquatic Complex

Vertical Wall Flatness

Coquitlam Poirier Forum

Poirier Forum

Project Description

Location:  Poirier Forum, Coquitlam, BC

The Poirier Forum is a multi-purpose facility owned by the City of Coquitlam. Absolute Space was retained by the City for mapping the flatness of the polished concrete surface and documenting the surface fractures.

Metrotown Skytrain Station


Project Description

Location:  Metrotown Skytrain Station, Burnaby, BC

The Metrotown Skytrain station underwent a major upgrade in 2015. Absolute Space was retained by a steel fabricator and installer to provide accurate dimensions of the underside rail guide ways, from which steel reinforcement plates could be designed, fabricated, and installed to an exact fit.

Lafarge Pitt River Quarries

Pitt River Quarry

Project Description

Location:  Lafarge Pitt River Quarries, Pitt Meadows, BC

Absolute Space scanned and generated an accurate 3D model of a portion of the quarry for site planning on a major film production.

Heating Plant


Project Description

Location:   North Vancouver, BC

Absolute Space scanned and 3D modelled a heating plant facility. The photographic quality images of 3D laser data were made available on the Leica TruView platform for a web-based interactive viewing, virtual measurements, and note sharing.


Bodwell High School Expansion

Project Description

Location:   North Vancouver, BC

Bodwell High School is a private day and boarding school, offering grades 8 to 12 and university preparation. In 2015, the school began constructing a new wing to the waterfront campus in North Vancouver, BC.

Absolute Space was contracted by the builders to confirm the locations of installed anchor bolts before the construction work could proceed to the next stage of assembling prefabricated steel structures. Laser imagery provided the actual location, as well as the length and plumbness of each anchor bolt.

Our 3D laser image was referenced to the project grid line system, which enabled us to directly superimpose it onto the CAD drawings as a deliverable.